Our Investment Themes

We invest across “Proptech”, but are focused on the following investment themes:

Construction Enablement

The industry is under increasing pressure to build the spaces that we need for a growing population, and to do so in a sustainable manner. Lack of collaboration and real-time insights on construction progress result in low productivity and high rework costs.


  • Improving efficiency in the development process, from design and planning to financing and construction
  • Solutions addressing sustainability and health and safety requirements

Enhancing Investability of Real Estate

Real estate is challenging traditional asset classes for an increasing share of global asset allocation. The industry needs to provide the same level of data, analysis and efficiency that investors expect in other asset classes.


  • Workflow & efficiency tools streamlining manual processes, particularly virtuous circle applications generating valuable data sets
  • Scalable data & analytics tools improving transparency and providing data-driven insights
  • Solutions improving liquidity & democratising access to the asset class

Asset Optimisation

The utility, financial or otherwise, of existing real estate assets can be enhanced by technology in a number of ways, including to save costs, generate additional revenue and enable time savings.


  • Meeting the shift in occupier requirements towards space on demand
  • Improving user experience of the built environment by supplying complementary services
  • Improving returns from existing real estate assets through increasing utilisation, sustainability or management efficiencies

Current Investment