What is your value add and how do you differentiate?

Out team uniquely combines expertise in the real estate industry, experience running real estate technology companies and a track record executing technology investments across venture capital, strategic and angel investing.  We have founded, built, scaled and exited multiple PropTech start-ups from as early as 2011.  We also benefit from the backing and relationships of a market leading asset manager in M7 Real Estate.

What does “technology solutions to improve and create efficiencies through the real estate lifecycle and built environment” mean in terms of your areas of investment?

We are a general “Proptech” or real estate technology investor and will consider technology solutions or technology enabled services businesses that touch real estate in any way, whether residential or commercial. However, we normally try to categorise solutions into one of the following three investment themes: 1) Construction Enablement; 2) Enhancing the Investability of Real Estate; or 3) Asset Optimisation.

At what stage and how much do you invest?

We look to invest in companies from the seed stage through to Series A. If investing at the seed stage we would normally expect there to be some revenue validation of the product-market fit. We will consider writing cheques from £250k up to £3m and reserve capital for follow-on.

Where do you invest?

Our focus is primarily on companies operating within Europe. However, we have a limited mandate to invest outside this area if there is good strategic rationale e.g. a company wants to raise capital to come to Europe and wants us to support the local expansion.

When should we contact you?

As with most investors, we like to speak to companies over a period of time so that we can see how they develop and execute. So don’t wait until you need investment to speak with us. We love to meet companies 12+ months out from a round. And remember, you should allow an absolute minimum of 6 months to fundraise.

What do we look for?

  1. Team - We will back sole founders or teams, but it can be a very tough journey as a sole founder. We look for teams that can plan and execute, that understand their market and are honest, confident, ambitious and committed.
  2. Are you solving a REAL problem or is your product a nice to have?
  3. Large (potential) addressable markets.
  4. Unfair competitive advantage – what is your special sauce?
  5. How easy/hard is to scale your solution? Think about adoption, sales cycle, limited adoption risk for customers and rules & regulations, including in other countries.
  6. Traction (revenue, customers/clients, momentum).
  7. Wider “team” which includes current investors, board members, advisors.
  8. Go to Market Strategy (do you know how to sell it?).

What we don’t like

  1. Rude or difficult founders. This should be an obvious one. Life is too short and an investor relationship too long.
  2. Failing to understand and present the competitive landscape. Be honest about your competition.
  3. Over-selling your technology. Be clear about what is current functionality and what is road-map.
  4. Dishonesty – in any way, shape or form.

What’s the best way to get a call or a meeting?

The best way is to go through a warm intro or to approach us at an event. Failing that, send us your deck with a concise intro. We try to review everything, but it is challenging for us to keep up with the inbound deal flow.